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What is pitchborneo?

pitchborneo is a pitching competition open to all entrepreneurs (new and experienced) to propose their business ideas to win funding and startup capital worth RM200,000. Formerly known as Sabah Got Ideas (SGI), for the past 5 years, this competition has helped many local entrepreneurs launch their business to success! Starting last three years, SGI was rebranded and now known as pitchborneo. Year 2017, pitchborneo now has been improved and enhanced to be bigger, better and great. This time around, pitchborneo 2017 theme is Tourism Edition!.

Who We are?

Registered as Sabah West Coast Techpreneur Association on 30th August 2010, SATA became the first NGO in Sabah to focus on IT related entrepreneurship development.

What is SATA Mission?

SATA Mission ;

Creating knowledge techpreneur by shaping, training, knowledge transfer, sharing of information, ideas generation and wisdom

What is SATA Vision?

SATA Vision ;

"A Techpreneur in Every Family"

How It Works?

4 districts

pitchborneo 2017 will be held in 4 districts. Tambunan, Kota Kinabalu, Ranau and Tawau

30 Participants

Limited only to 30 persons to join pitchborneo 2016 in every district. First come, first serve basis. Fee of RM150 per individu for every registration.

2 days workshop

Two-days weekend workshop. Food and accommodation will be provided through out this program.

Idea Development

No idea? No problem. We will help you. If you have existing business or business ideas, we’ll guide you all the way during the workshop to develop your business ideas.


You’ll definitely get help from our brilliant selection of mentors (Past winners and successful entrepreneurs) during and after the program.


The two days workshop will help you to develop and enhance your idea. It is to give your idea the maximum potential it required to compete during the pitching.

Finalist Selection

Last part of the workshop: ‘5 minutes pitching and 3 minutes question and answer’ this will determine who will be the 6 lucky winners to compete at the Finale for a chance to grab the funding!

rm 20k

RM 20,000.00 worth of funding will be given to each of TEN (10) best business ideas during the FINALE of pitchborneo 2017 competition!

How to Join?

Fun Facts

Things to
know about pitchborneo 2017




Days workshop




best ideas going to finale for every district


Best Ideas will be selected


RM20,000 worth of funding

pitchborneo 2016 : Viral Edition Winners

About Us

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Kementerian Pembangunan Sumber dan Teknologi Maklumat

KPSKTM is a ministry that always been supportive to the entrepreneur activities and program specially involving with the utilization of ICT platform.

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Sabah Techpreneur Association

Sabah Techpreneur Association (SATA) is an NGO set up in 2010. Our interest is in entrepreneurship development. Our Vision is "A Techpreneur in Every Family". We have a dream to create at least one entrepreneur in every family.

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